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Born and raised in the Conejo Valley, Wally Dicky started Conejo Valley Appliance, Air Conditioning, and Heating in 1979 during his Junior Year at Newbury Park High School. On the weekdays, Wally’s mom would answer the business phone, and on the weekends, he would run service calls. 

By 1981, the business had become a true ‘family affair’ when Wally’s two brothers-in-law, Jim and Dan, joined the company. The business quickly grew, and Walley decided to split the company. Jim and Dan took over Conejo Valley Appliance, and Wally continued operating Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning. Today, Wally’s son, Branden, is continuing in his father’s footsteps. He has taken over as CEO of the company and is now opening and running Conejo Valley Home Services. 

The new Conejo Valley Home Services company has the same philosophy of our number one ranked Conejo Valley Heating and Air Conditioning company: Conejo Valley:

“Where Your Neighbors are Our Neighbors”

Conejo Valley Home Services iscommitted to its customers and theprinciples of Consistency, Honesty, Professionalism, and Reputation.

Our Insulation customers consider the Conejo Valley Home Services team friends, relatives, and neighbors. Conejo Valley Home Services is proudto serve the community and ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

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