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Are you looking to install radiant barrier insulation in your Conejo Valley home or commercial building? When many homeowners in California think about adding high-quality insulation to their attics, they simply assume that the only or most reliable option available is blown-in fiberglass insulation. However, what many people don't realize is that another important component of an effective and efficient attic insulation system is called a reflective radiant barrier. If you want to learn more about how top-notch reflective radiant barrier insulation in the Conejo Valley can improve your home's energy efficiency, our radiant barrier experts are here to help.

With our radiant barrier installation services, Conejo Valley Home Services works with homeowners, commercial building owners, and contractors to install radiant barriers for retrofit home insulation and new construction projects across Conejo Valley.

Too much heat in your house is not just uncomfortable for your family members, but it can damage the home or property if you don't control it in a timely manner. You should know that most of the heat that seeps into your home does so through your roof. One of the best ways to reduce the heat that seeps into your house or commercial property is by installing a radiant barrier.

Conejo Valley Home Services installs radiant barriers, and our technicians are trained specialists in energy conservation and professional insulation installation. There are several areas of your Conejo Valley home that are prone to energy loss. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to find these areas and fix them while ensuring that your radiant barrier installation cost is minimal.

Our radiant barrier attic insulation service is the best and most straightforward way to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year.

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Professional Radiant Barrier Services in the Conejo Valley and Surrounding Areas

At Conejo Valley Home Services, we believe that adequately insulating your home or business property is the key to low energy costs and improved overall comfort. Allow Conejo Valley Home Services to put our years of expertise and experience to work for you, and contact us today for radiant barrier services, including radiant barrier installation services.

We are experts in installing radiant barriers, radiant barrier insulation, and reflective insulation to meet your needs in the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas.

Radiant barriers are often known as "radiant barrier insulation" and "reflective insulation" because, like insulation, they can efficiently and effectively slow heat transfer. Excellent insulating materials, such as cellulose and foam, force heat to move slowly.

Keep in mind that you should prefer radiant barrier over fiberglass insulation. This is because a radiant barrier works differently and reflects heat energy back toward its source. As local energy efficiency experts, we know and understand the right combination of insulation services and materials to considerably improve your home's comfort and reduce energy bills.

Why Do You Need Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier is a water-based and aluminum-colored low emissivity coating. A radiant barrier is valuable as it reduces the surface emissivity of construction materials like plywood, Oriented strand board (OSB), and plasterboard to 0.25 or lower. This helps block almost 75% of the radiant heat from entering your house. According to ASTM, it is categorized as an Interior Radiation Control Coating (IRCC).

You need a radiant barrier as it is a good investment for your home that works throughout the year. The barriers can easily save money and energy by improving your home's cooling efficiency during the summer months when you run your AC units the most.

Even if you already have plenty of insulation in your attic, you need radiant barrier insulation. With suitable insulation material and services, energy savings for cooling and heating can be as much as 18%, depending on different factors, such as climate, building configuration, and family size.

How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

If you live in a warm state, such as California, radiant barrier insulation installation from a professional company is one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient and comfy in the summer. Radiant barriers, often installed in the attic, are ideal for reducing the heat that is absorbed in areas of your home where sunlight is abundant, such as your attic. A radiant heat barrier or radiant barrier works by changing or altering the emissivity of the surface where it's applied.

You may know that building products like wood and brick have high emissivities (0.7 to 0.95). When heated, they tend to radiate most of the heat to cooler surfaces by enabling the heat to penetrate your roof into the attic and then from the attic into your house.

This is how radiant barrier insulation makes your Conejo Valley home cooler. It increases the ability to reflect the sun's energy. Radiant barriers are carefully designed to slow down heat flow and reflect heat back in the direction that it initially came from.


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The Benefits of Radiant Barrier

A radiant heat barrier is usually installed in residential attics so it may directly reflect sunlight. With a radiant barrier, you'll feel a notable difference in the average temperature of your Conejo Valley home. As a result, you will not have to keep your air conditioner operating at full capacity all the time.

Radiant barriers are not only beneficial in summer but can keep your home warm and comfy in winter. And that is not all; radiant barriers prevent wear and tear of the air conditioner unit, saving repair and maintenance expenses.

» Better Cooling

You can lower your attic temperatures by as much as 30 degrees when you block the sun's heat and let it escape through your roof vent. Your HVAC system will have to cycle on less frequently as a result of this reduction, which will result in reduced system wear and tear and reduced energy costs.

» Low Footprint Enables You to Utilize Your Attic Space

Radiant heat barriers attach to the roof joists and give you plenty of attic room for storage.

Here are some other benefits of installing radiant barrier insulation in your Conejo Valley home or building:

  • More comfortable indoor temperatures
  • Better HVAC system performance
  • The insulation is non-toxic and noncarcinogenic
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi
  • Requires little to no maintenance

What to Expect During a Radiant Barrier Installation

The radiant barrier installation process typically takes a few days. Here's what you can expect when working with Conejo Valley Home Services.

» Schedule Your Energy Audit

One of our experts will come to your home or commercial building and give you an accurate and honest assessment of your attic.

» Get an Estimate

Our Conejo Valley contractors offer a free consultation, including a quote. Conejo Valley Home Services looks to provide convenience and transparency every step of the way.

» Radiant Barrier Insulation Installation

With every installation service, we give you a guarantee. Our main goal is to comply with the best installation practices.

» Cleanup

Our experts will work until they have installed the radiant heat barrier properly and leave your Conejo Valley house in good shape.

» Radiant Barrier Installation Process

A radiant barrier can be installed in less than one day. This is because it is a relatively simple process. Our professional team of attic experts and technicians will make sure that it's set up for maximum efficacy. We have considerable experience installing radiant insulation in different types of homes.

While many California homeowners decide to add a radiant barrier when replacing their insulation, if you replaced your insulation recently and it's still in good condition, our team can install it over your existing insulation.

Conejo Valley Home Services can install the radiant heat barrier on top of your insulation instead of removing it. However, our experts recommend the former option. This is because having the radiant heat barrier directly attached to the underside of your roof helps make it more effective.

How Much Does a Radiant Barrier Cost?

Upgrading your home insulation using a radiant barrier in your attic is an energy-saving and cost-effective investment. The cost of installing a radiant barrier in an attic depends on the square footage as well as the pitch of the roof.

Installation rates can cost anywhere between 10 cents and $1 per square foot. The average price for a 1,500-square-foot attic often starts at about $300 to $500 for one side-based material. Also, keep in mind that any installation will be considerably cheaper if your home is built from the ground up.

Choose Conejo Valley Home Services for Your Radiant Barrier Installation

Lower your reliance on cooling and heating systems by working with Conejo Valley Home Services. We are your local home energy contractor providing professional radiant heat barrier installations in Conejo Valley. Looking for radiant barrier services near me?

Choose Conejo Valley Home Services because we have worked on different projects in the area and also understand the frustrations and concerns of homeowners in the Conejo Valley.

  • We will give you affordable options considering your budget and needs
  • We provide high-quality materials and warranties
  • We set a reasonable schedule and stick to it

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