The Importance of Scheduling a Home Attic Inspection

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Scheduling a Home Attic Inspection


Have you recently looked in your attic? If you have an unfinished crawl space or attic above your California home, it is likely that you have not spent much time thinking about your attic, let alone poking around up there.

However, attic issues and problems can become serious and costly if you don’t identify them early. This is why regular attic inspection is so important. But what is the importance of an attic? While it may sound strange, your attic is basically a health indicator for your home.

Did you know that issues in your attic could indicate obvious problems around your home, like a pest infestation or roof leaks? Also, delaying your annual attic inspections could result in expensive future repairs or serious health hazards. Read on to learn why scheduling a regular attic inspection is important and the benefits of how it can help your home.

The Importance of Scheduling a Home Attic Inspection

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What is an Attic Inspection?


An attic inspection is performed by an attic inspection contractor who takes a close look at the elements under your roof, including your home’s ventilation, structure, and insulation. Attic inspection is designed to identify any problems, such as inadequate attic insulation before they escalate into something bigger.

An attic inspection is valuable as it provides key information and details to combat high energy bills, moisture, mold, and poor air quality.

During an attic inspection, a professional and trained inspector will visit your home and:

  • Examine and assess the interior of your attic for structural damage and pest damage
  • Assess attic insulation
    Examine the exterior of your roof or home
  • Inspect all attic vents for damage and blockages

Also, an attic inspection in Thousand Oaks can reveal things about the home’s history. For example, sooty or black wood, or painted rafters, may indicate a previous fire outbreak in the home. On the other hand, wood shavings and tunnels could indicate a problem with wood-destroying insects.

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What Should You Expect During an Attic Inspection?


What is involved in an attic inspection? During a home inspection, an inspector will examine your attic. The attic is often the ideal place to look to get an idea of the quality of a home’s framing. Attic inspection also considers a number of other crucial aspects of your home, such as the insulation, and recommends if attic improvements are needed.

Whether performed by a professional attic inspector, these are the main items or issues that are addressed during an attic inspection:


Your attic needs to be well-ventilated; if not, a number of issues and problems can pop up. Signs of poor or inadequate ventilation include rusted nails, mold, and condensation, especially in warmer seasons.


Your attic should not feel drafty, and insulation must be complete and plentiful. Poor insulation can considerably lower the energy efficiency of your home, leading to higher energy bills.


Rot, water stains, and mold point to the presence of leaks.


It is vital to look for droppings, leaves, nests, acorns, and damage to insulation.


The attic is among the few places in your house where you can easily take a look at the quality of the framing. Keep in mind that structural problems in the exposed framing in your attic could indicate further issues.

Attic inspection costs in Southern California can vary depending on the size and location of your home. An additional benefit of hiring a professional home inspector is they can check and examine other areas of your house while there. Call Conejo Valley Home Services at (805) 499-0448 for a free quote.

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Reasons Your Home Needs an Attic Inspection


Here are some key reasons your attic should be inspected once every year.

» Keep Your Home Cozy and Warm

Attic insulation is valuable and plays a vital role in regulating the temperature of your California home – whether it is summer or winter. An attic insulation inspection could point to why your house is warmer than normal, or perhaps much colder than you would like!

This is particularly crucial at the change of major seasons, such as spring and fall. This is one of the main benefits of an attic inspection.

» Ensure Ducts are in Good Condition

You may know that with time, HVAC ducts in your home suffer from eroded seals, breaks, and dents. They may also get coated with dust or other airborne toxins and debris, and you don’t want that. During an attic inspection, a professional will look at all the ducts in your home to make sure they are in good shape.

» Keep Critters and Infestations at Bay

Your attic is a hot spot for small critters, such as mice, looking to escape the cold of winter or the heat and humidity of the summer. If your home has been unoccupied even for a little while, it’s likely that pests and critters like rodents, bats, and raccoons have found a home in your attic.

Although these animals may not be dangerous to your family, their feces, urine, and teeth can cause serious damage to the wood slats in the attic. Bi-annual or annual attic inspections are important for avoiding a critter or pest infestation.

» Check for Structural Issues

Simply because your roof looks solid and stable on top, it does not mean the attic is stable underneath. You should keep an eye out for signs of structural issues and problems within your attic. Note that the attic framing is part of your whole roof.

As a result, you must ensure it is sufficiently strong to support the roof. An attic inspection is an ideal opportunity to check for broken rafters, sagging beams, or even stress cracks.

» Prevent the Risk of Electrical Disasters

This is an important reason to schedule an attic inspection, especially if you are the new owner of a house with an attic. You might inspect your attic and find numerous electrical shortcuts, junction boxes, and even uncovered electrical wiring snaking through the attic, which is dangerous.

This can pose a major fire hazard and may also cause numerous electrical issues in your home. So, make sure all wiring is adequately covered with insulation and if you need an electrician for rewiring.

How Often Should You Schedule an Attic Inspection?


As a general rule, you should check the attic once every three to six months. There are many good reasons why checking your attic frequently is essential; notably, it is the first place water leaks will show up. And if a leak occurs, you will see its signs in your attic before anywhere else. At the very least, it is vital to schedule full home inspections every 12 months.

If there’s mold, mildew, bacteria, or other toxins in your attic, they may be circulating from there to other areas in your home, and you will not even know it. Also, in between your yearly attic inspections, keep an eye out for stains and water damage.

You can pop up every now and then to take a peek after big storms and incidents, like a tree branch falling on your roof.

Overdue for an Attic Inspection? Call Conejo Valley Home Services Today!


In addition to performing your own checkup, you should have a professional in Thousand Oaks take a close look at your attic and home insulation every once in a while, even if it is only once a year. If you are looking for Thousand Oaks insulation services and attic inspection, contact Conejo Valley Home Services to schedule an affordable attic inspection today. They use the latest technology and tools for attic inspection and analyze and identify insulation issues in your home.

If you are looking for attic inspections near me, contact Conejo Valley Home Services at (805) 499-0448 to solve any attic issues, such as structural problems and insulation problems, you may have. Trust Conejo Valley Home Services with the care of your attic and home insulation in Thousand Oaks, and enjoy peace of mind.

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